Teaching Twitch chat math!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBj86tKmzzM   "right. okay. You know, i would think that he's trolling, but i saw three different people make that comment.  Alright, fellers, here we go. And now, the game can lose. We have much more important things to do.  Like, making up for the failure of someone's education system.."   ---   So.. in the past days, i was watching some hs vids on youtube and.. okay now THIS. xd even though i so dislike that game because of the rng & p2w.. it is really cool to see someone using his head & logic while playing, isnt it.. :p And that's a good point.. it is just like the bday question: what is the chance to have two students in a class celabrate their birthdays in the same day? btw yes, if the class has 30 students, the chance is ~70%! which is a pity because there are more days you dont get chocolate or stuff but ;( don't ignore math, guy.. it can even help you with the lp! ;)
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