300K IP Donation???

Hi everyone, On this day 02/09/2015 i reached to 300K IP on league of legends, and before this, i had a ideia, dunno if this is even possible :) How about this, since i have 300K IP and i really dont use them on the game to get new champions, because i will keep, getting more and more IP, i was wondering if RIOT can take all my 300K IP and turn it into real money and donate it, to where? I dont even know, because i dunno if RIOT would do this. The point is, "you" (RIOT), turn all this IP in real money and donate it. P.S.: I have proves that i earn all this IP by playing it, not by any kind of "hack program", because i got prints of the game, saving all this IP, i took prints every 10K IP since my 150K IP. I will be waiting for an answer, i appreciate the time you spend reading this, if this isnt possible, at least i tried to do something. Best Regards, Wolf :) UPDATE: Hi everyone, Right now, I dont even know what to say, Im literally without words, i wasnt excepting so much opinions from you all so quick, I am gratefull for all your support, its the first time i do something like this, im trying to do my best. I hope you all like the ideia, fell free to comment and thumbs up if you want to see what it will gonna happen. Best Regards Wolf ^^

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