Perma Ban Appeals

Don't know if you guys saw this but I accidentally posted this in technical support so here it is in the correct forum. Hi, I’m here to talk about permanent suspensions and was wondering if there could be a change on how they are given. Most people receive 2 Week suspensions for toxicity etc. and after that they get straight to perma. It doesn’t matter if you got a 2 week suspension 3 months ago unless your positivity factor increases there’s no way to reduce the chance of getting permanently suspended. Toxicity should have no place in league but we all know that even the most calm of us get triggered at times. Streamers vent to their chat instead of typing in the game chat most of the time , and those of us who don’t stream take to the in game chat to return the flame and then get reported it doesn’t matter who started it but if you are Soloqing and you flamed a premade you now have 2 reports to one and if 2 people are already flaming you it could lead to the rest of the team thinking it’s 2v1 and that the 2 ppl are right this way the reports against you could be 3:1 or 4:1. Now to the main point I believe there should be an extra stage between 2 week and permanent it could range from a month to 3 months or even 6 months all the way up to a year and it could state that further toxicity will be punished with a permanent suspension and you will be closely monitored this could leave them with a chance to reflect and possibly reform since they wouldn’t want to lose their hard work/RP they spent on their acc just to return a curse , now that the level cap has been raised losing your acc feels even worse now. This could also change the behaviour of those who instantly create a new acc and do not leave their toxic ways and since their main got banned they don’t care anymore and continue to be toxic on a fresh acc and it would result in a never ending cycle of toxcity-2week-2week-perma-new acc-toxicity . By adding an extra stage even if one player out of 5 reforms it's a win. Riot could add counter measures such as after they get off their 6-12month ban their account would be blacklisted and any sort of form of flame no matter how small would result in an automatic perma ban. And they could then be removed from blacklist by e.g. going a whole season without being toxic or getting 500 non premade honors or 100 tilt proof honors. This could even force those toxic players to actually be quiet in game or risk losing their ACC so it's a win win and those who aren't really toxic but unfortunate, get their last chance to reform. Remember Prisoners get sentences which could range from 1- to lifetime in prison but those who get lifetime are those who have committed unspeakable acts for comparison Manslaughter inflicts a jail term for no more than 30 years so why shouldn't these players be given their chance after serving their 'time' even convicts get second chances and some of them do truly reform and regret their actions. remember 6-12months could be the difference of a kid growing up and becoming mature or change of mindset and those who continue to not reform will instantly be banned after a game or so, so it's a win win. We should start somewhere
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