played about 10 games (stil love urf) but the random thing is a big lie in 10 games + i saw the same champs repeating so much thats boring from 10 in about 5 games enemy had TF , about 5 had SHACO, and about 2 or 3 times teemo etc broken champs, and that in 10 games how is that random how can from 150 champs to get 5 times from 10 TF enemy , or in 2 games we got full close range fighter , tanks and enemy full long range ,(sivir ,jhinx wich you dont need skills just spam q, w) and you got veigar ,tahm or etc wich have lower range , so please do this game random not just in name even me got about 3 times swain wich is broken , when i wanted to have fun with another champ after all there are about 150 in lol , so please do somting . cause is not like it happened 1 or 2 i am shure that there are a lot of champ i wont be able to play cause this repeating/

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