Feeling down (Vent)

When did it become normal for people to treat each other like crap over a game? I spend half my life playing this stupid game because I'm addicted and have no life outside of it. Literally no friends, no close family. Just this game and my room. I only play normals, because I know I'm not good enough for ranked. And I thought that saving people's promos from my awful skills, would be enough to avoid the harassment you get for making a mistake. But it's not. Normals is just the same... Someone asks for a gank. Sometimes I get it right, nothing is said. Other times I screw up. Miss the kill. Give the enemy a buff. And more often than not, something along the lines of "report jungler for feed", or "wtf was that shit?" are thrown my way. But never anything constructive, or supportive. It's like they want me to do worse. So I guess it just boils down to this: why can't this community stand being a little more respectful of other players? Is it so hard to offer constructive criticism instead of insults, or at least say nothing? How difficult is it, to say "well played" at the end of a game, instead of "EZ", "get rekt nerds", or some equally obnoxious and disrespectful variation of the generic insults inflicted for the sake of it? Played a game tonight, where a toplane Riven died to Garen. Garen is low. I'm running up river to catch him, full hp, double buffs, a level higher and playing as Diana post-6. Three enemies bot, the midlaner is dead. And this Riven pings me not to go (the danger ping). I watch, as Garen walks into warded brush, one bar of hp left, and starts to recall, still time to kill him. Riven continues to ping with the red danger symbol between myself and Garen. I could still get him if I go right now, ult him and he'd be dead. But I don't. For Riven, I remain in place. And he escapes. I ask, "Why did you ping me away? The other players are bot." Riven simply replies, "trash." This, after asking me to gank, and engaging before I could even get there to help him. What can I say? I normally just deal with this shit the way anyone else does. But today, it got to me. And whatever sane part of my mind remains, told me, "this is stupid." And you know what? It is. It really is stupid to keep playing this game, when all people do is mock, and disrespect, and flame. But I'm still gonna play it again tomorrow. Because I'm even more stupid. And so will everyone else, who either puts up with this shit, or exacerbates it. What a disgusting cycle...
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