Player option: voluntary self chat-restriction

The ability to switch on "restrict my chat in-game" at lobby client settings section so you can switch it on and off any time you want but can't do it during the game. So if the game has started with that option turned on you will play this whole match with regular chat restriction: starting with 3/5 messages available +1 every 4 minutes. But after the match you can decide to turn it off if you want. This could help some flammable players to control themselves with some kind of "outter force". I noticed that i am more focused and enjoy games more when i am chat restricted. When my in-game chat is free from restrictions frustration accumulates over time and at some point i blow up and start raging alot. Because i can. In sutiation when i literally can't express my fury (have no messages available) i HAVE TO move on and keep trying even when blood is boiling. So that feature could be very nice. No reason to wait untill i lose all of remaining humaneness and become ruthless and savage flamer again to get punished. Help players like me to keep our demons sealed inside. Make comunity better. I want to make it better, but when i am complitely free to let my rage flow, it only grows from match to match.
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