Sapiens, the Structure of Minds

Sapiens, the Structure of Minds Role: Support Appearance: Sapiens body is made of fragile golden sticks and he is always meditating (while floating). His head has circles that move around in it which look like a mini-solarsystem. Passive (Upgraded Minds): All allies nearby Sapiens have reduced cooldowns on all abilities by 8%. Q (Mind Blast): Sapiens calls down a meteor at a nearby location after a 1.5 second delay dealing damage and slowing enemies hit. When the meteor lands it splits up into four skillshots that move up, down, to the left and to the right of where the meteor landed. These skillshots stun the first targets hit by threm for 1 second. W (Psychic Control): Sapiens targets any ally. Sapiens vision is on that ally for 15 seconds or until this ability is reactivated. While looking at this ally, the ally has Sapiens' passive effect and Sapiens can shoot Mind Blasts from his allies position. The ally additionally has 10 extra Attack Damage and Ability Power for the lasting duration. Sapiens can't move during this ability. E (Mind Sphere): Sapiens throws a grenade at a nearby location dealing damage and then after 3 seconds, going away and giving all allies within its range, a shield that lasts for 5 seconds. R (Brain Transfer): Sapiens places a portal at any location on the map after a 2 second channel time. Allies who click on that portal will be instantly teleported to Sapiens' location.

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