Amazing new skins once again Riot!

2/24 PBE Update
With today's update we kick off the 6.5 PBE cycle! Continue reading for more information! ( Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. ) Hextech Annie Elderwood LeBlanc Hextech Ward" !
Thank you Riot, because Annie really needed another skin (11th) while there are other champs that literally have 1-2 skins: Diana . That's poor decision making RIOT. I don't care that she's gonna get that Fire skin, community voting shouldn't be THE ONLY reason to make a skin for her. If you guys weren't working on a skin for Diana even before the Allstars voting than you are just showing giant middle finger for all Diana players especially since that Leona got the project skin recently (5 months ago). Diana = 2 skins (last skin over 2 years ago) Leona = 4 skins Even Leblanc, who is now getting another skin (her last one having come out during the Harrowing 2014), has had more new skins in the time frame since Diana's last skin. And the fact you guys also piss on Diana mains by making Bloodmoon skins for more and more champs but not for Diana and also make a Bloodmoon Icon that looks like a rotated Lunari mark is also not cool. I wouldn't be surprised IF when she finally gets one it will only look like a genderbent Bloodmoon Shen: Diana wearing a fullbody powerranger costume and mask = literally Shen I wonder if she will get skins (non Fire one) during the incoming Mt.Targon that everyone is expecting or you will again ignore Diana and probably give something for Pantheon and Leona. But nice skins nevertheless Riot! They really look nice. I might even be tempted to buy the LB skin as I quite enjoy playing her and the new skin looks interesting and unique!
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