Demoted to g4 from gold 2 again

U might remember me Im the guy that was rly high mmr gold 2 and suddenly demoted to g4 well that happened again let me explain what the issue is most of the time i would get a dumb jungler like our nunu today that just kinda walked around and didnt rly farm and gank but my 2 last games are lost for the same reason botlane like 2 games in a row i get a draven main botlane and 2 games in a row that draven lost us the game now u might say that draven in the second game wasnt bad cuz he was fed WRONG!!! in the first game my draven fed with his fkin trundle supp and in the second game he won the lane and then started feeding xayah, after that in the last crucial tf, he spammed us to fall back when we were 5v4, and instead of fighting it out and destroying the nexus, this guy backed, bought nothing,he was full hp before backing, and then tried to 1v3 My last 20 or so games i would win my lane and lose the game or lose the lane and have higher chances of winning the game also i was finally on my winning streak again after that first hard demotion i told u about and just when things started to look good for a change i get matched with these ppl like if i win the game i would get like 17 lp and if i lose i lose 17 lp so basically i dont progress at all I dont know which champ is the best for climbing now I mained so many champions But i noticed whichever champion i play some other lane would make sure i dont get to win that game And it keeps getting worse I try not to flame, i try to improve, but i just cant IM FKIN SCARED OF PLAYING RANKED, I WASNT THIS SCARED WHEN I FIRST REACHED LVL 30 AND STARTED PLAYING RANKED because if i win im guaranteed to lose at least next 2 games no matter if i played good or bad its guaranteed and all my friends are somehow still climbing without any losing streaks while im here sitting and crying on the boards even if i know i am not gonna accomplish anything by doing that I just needed to get this shitty stress of my chest i guess, i hope u understand
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