Riven 2.0

when the rework of aatrox first anounced i was very exited and i remember a friend of mine telling me. "but what if it sucked" and i was like "dude common they had 5 years to make it right there's no way it will suck" but boi were i wrong. first i didn't want to judge the rework very quickly and waited to test my self which made me hate it ever more, i know my opinion wont matter much but hear me out. here's what i loved about the old Aatrox which made me main him right away: 1- his voice and personalty Aatrox used to have the voice of a wise man yet u could feel the darkness within him and his personalty was so unique. 2- his looks: even tho his wings looked like flags yet it gave him a unique look and he had too much details on his avatar. 3- his kit: ppl kept telling me that his kit was binary which made him either too strong if rito buffed him or too weak and i don't agree with that for only 1 reason rito never buffed him in any patch since his release on 2013 ( his mini rework doesn't count ), aatrox kit was weak due to one thing and it's the easy counter pick and being able to counter him by buying only 2 items ( these sexy bois {{item:3076}} {{item:3123}} ) or picking any champ that blind stun or slows him, rito could have easy done one thing to prevent that and it's by making him attack speed slow resist while on ult form or make his Q UNSTOPPABLE. 4- his lore: Aatrox lore used to be about this darken who seeks balance in the world not for it's good but for wars to last so he gets stronger ----------------------------- now that i said what i loved about the old aatrox lets talk about the new riven 2.0 ( i will never call this new rework anything but that ): 1- his voice and personalty now he sounds like a machine that was made just to fight and only fight every time he talks you feel like he want to punch someone in the face. 2- his looks: >his vanilla skin looks awful plain at his chest and the sword doesn't look unique no more than a normal sword u can't even notich the heart on the middle >his mecha skin looks like a toy yet his chromas are amazing ( by far the only good thing about Riven 2.0 ) 3- his kit: i could easily care less about anything else but this even if they reworked him to look like a the pink panther or Disney princes i wouldn't mind but this kit is just awful, you can't just change a champ that's known and loved for playing him as auto attack to skills only attack this is like changing champ like heca or cho gath to auto attack, you pretty much changed the only thing Aatrox mains loved about him and replaced it with the only thing any one that plays attack speed champs hates. 4- his lore: can't judge this one yet as i didn't read the new lore but just knowing that they changed the Tryndamer part is already enough to make me hate it ---------------------------- At the end ik nothing that i said or will say will change anything, Rito will force the new rework up my throat, i really tried to love this new rework but with no hope. so yeah good luck everyone and enjoy your main be for rito kills him, cuz i wish i played him more before the rework
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