Diamond EUW Player (Jungle) visiting EUNE (How to carry)

Hello Everybody, my name's Sebek (Diamond/Master Player on EUW) and i open this topic because i was visiting EUNE (grinding it atm) and i want to help you guys (Junglers) to carry your games :D so let's get started 1 - Jungle (Role) Jungler Role is the MOST MOST important role in early game (Why ?) because the jungler is the one who can make you win your lane in early, the jungler have to take the vision before the enemy (3 min timer), the jungler have to pressure lanes (even if he can't kill people, make them flash / use stuff is a good thing because it pressure the lane a lot and give you the advantage on the enemy if you come to fight in a 1on1 / 2on2 situation) Jungler have to take drakes in early (Objectives are important because first it give you advantage (Damage / Turret Damage etc etc) and secure of course the vision everywhere on the map to know where people are, if they're moving or going to gank together etc 2 - How To Jungle Jungle Path is the same (except for some junglers), a jungle path is like : Blue > wolves > Red > Scuttler (to give vision in early) or / Red > wolves > Blue > Scuttler, the jungler have to start where the botlane is (except of course for some counter-plays or play mind game and start to the other way to counter his enemy jungler) When you're jungling, remember to keep your path clean, watch your lanes meanwhile jungling is important to know if you can gank after your mobs / have vision on enemies / such things like this, so you've to get a good APM, remember that a jungler don't have to afk farm, you've to be aware of what's going on in the game and adapt to it, remember this. 3 - How To Gank Lanes Such difficult things when the enemy is under tower / or the enemy jungler is in the bush and you're scared to go, when you gank a lane, be sure to have a minimum control of vision / awareness, when you gank a lane it's 50/50 (Which means if you didn't kill him but still make him use sums, it's a good thing like before because it gives the advantage for your laner so he can pressure him with this, remember that ganking a lane have to be set up (Which means that your laner have to play on the side you are and bait him to you or start the fight to give you the advantage to kill him) be aware of your damage, you've to know your champion correctly and know his damage, if you feel comfortable then it's a good thing, when you gank you've to be sure that you'll at least make him use sums OR kill him 4 - Vision Vision is important as a jungler to know where your rival is, what is he doing, if he's afk or things like this ahah, let's be serious, vision give you the advantage on the enemy jungler because in your mind you can set up a gank where he'll not be able to be at this time (Remember that when you gank a lane, for exemple top lane, remember that your midlaner / botlaner can be ganked at this time (you can't be at 2 lanes at the same time lol) so ping them to play safe meanwhile you're ganking your lane, Mostly you'll have to put deep wards in his jungle to give you the vision on where he's at and of course can setup a counter jungle solo or with your laner/laners(Bot), Play around the vision and never without (Until if you feel comfortable like me and you know that you'll kill him) Well i think i explained mostly the part of jungle (except some details make sure to make me remember) and i'll talk to people who don't play Jungle Don't blame your jungler to not be on lane when he's already ganking an other lane, it's pointless and ridiculous, even if you die, the other lane where he's at will die the same way, so it means that it's a 1 for 1, remember laners that you've to help your jungler to secure vision (because it's not only for himself but for you as well) remember that you've to setup and prepare the gank for your jungler (it's easier when the laner setup it for the jungler) And Guys, Remember that on your Region (EUNE) there is people who don't speak your language fluently (Polish / Czech / Bosniak and many others english) so if you can, try to talk in english and communicate in english with them, it will make the game easier for everyone and mostly make it win (maybe :D), and yes guys, don't be toxic, 80/90% in games people are toxic for no reason and starting to insult (kurwo / kurwa / zamnknije) things like this, guys don't do this, you're gonna get in trouble for no reason and it makes you mad, then it makes everyone mad, and everyone is starting to flame instead of playing the game... remember this guys, flame will make you things look more difficult than ever If you've any questions, i'm open :D[] (https://imgur.com/Ce4ljtr)

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