I came here to say my goodbyes to the LoL and LoL community itself. It has been a great journey over the 3 years since I´ve started playing. In the beggining, the game was fun, I was looking forward to play 5-8 games a day. Buying skins, event items... I didn´t mind any of that since the game was good. Unfortunately the game doesnt give me that joy anymore. It became depressing tbh. Everytime you are waiting for a game you are stressed and wonder, how many trolls are you gonna get this time. So I started going ''fill'' every-single game to avoid ''auto-pick'' players, that are gonna play ADC katarina, Janna TOP, etc... Still... I keep getting them no matter how hard I try. What I really dislike is that whenever you get troll, you can´t just leave the game... yes... there is a surrender system, but... will the trolls ever surrender? Ofc not. So you are forced to stay in the game, move your champ until you actually loose, because if you leave... you are at fault. I really hope the game eventually ''somehows'' solves this problem. I wouldn´t even mind paying for something like ''feel free to leave'' pass, if I could freely hop out of the long lost game. Well thats it for this article, just wanted to relieve the depression I´ve been holding inside for quite a time now, because I really loved this game at some point. Who knows, maybe Ill eventually come back, but for now, Ill relieve some of the harddrive space. Your´s truly, Reberu.
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