I ran for the train today.

This morning started off like any other Wednesday morning, I woke up. I got washed. I got dressed. Then I told myself "no" as I thought about going back to bed. I wandered around aimlessly for a little bit, had a glass of water, the water was in the glass, not the glass made of water! Anyway, I left the house and started heading for the train. Now the trains in my country are usually late, so I can normally walk and be there on time, but today was different! Today, as I was walking round the corner, I saw the train pulling up towards the station. "Oh noes" I thought as I started to sprint, I ran across the pavement, launching myself across the road in front of the incoming line of traffic, travelled at great speed up the stairs to the platform, as the alarm of the warning for the doors closing sounded, I leaped towards the closing doors and face planted them as the shut. Spamming the open button, it may have broke, because the doors re-opened. Almost having an asthma attack, I flew into the train. I made it!
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