Patch 6.10 - The truth

#**NEW CONTENT** * Taliyah will be released in Patch 6.10, becoming the second bird-esque Shuriman champion and making Azir get stroppy about it. * ~~Power Rangers~~ Super Galaxy skins for Fizz, Shyvana and Kindred will be released in Patch 6.10. #**CHAMPIONS** * Alistar is no longer literally unkillable at Level 6 when he uses Unbreakable Will * Anivia's Glacial storm is cheaper and can be cast further away. Take that global warming! * Aurelion Sol nerfed for Aurelion Sol mains. Aurelion Sol mains are really salty about this, since his average win rate is mediocre. * Cassiopeia has embraced the pirate's tradition of running away better. Q can be cast further and its MS decays slower, while Miasma's min/max range is less/more. * Fiddlesticks has been given scarecrow tech, causing one of his birds on Dark Wind to flee. * Fizz's baby fish won't drop away anymore, even if you cleanse it or tell it that nobody will love him. * Illaoi's teacher training is going splendidly, and Harsh Lesson's cooldown is reduced. * Fishbones no longer starts as a lazy piece of junk. That comes when you get more attack speed on Jinx now. * Malzahar's passive cooldown is up in the early game and goes down at set intervals rather than one level at a time. Weaker early, but stronger late - but who cares? He's still broken. * Yi's True Damage is up and Meditate has a better AP ratio, making him feel better when he buys what he's supposed to buy in the first place. * Nocturne and Shyvana have AP ratios now. Don't actually buy AP items for them, it's still rubbish. * Beatrice is no longer incompetent and will execute low health minions. Swain now heals massively against every target in a fight while still dealing tons of damage, putting him in line with every other tank in the game. * Taric's ultimate has a 30% increase to his fabulousness. * Tryndamere now stays at a set amount of health per level instead of being always 1. The needless towerdives will continue regardless. * Vel'Koz has graduated from Void University with a doctorate on using AP more efficiently. * Vladimir's ult will heal more, because stealing infected blood from other people who aren't his blood type and getting healthier from it makes perfect sense. * You can now step on Zyra's seeds sooner, a move which sparked one angry post by Rob, that guy from I.T. * Tristana's splash arts have been updated to better reflect her fantasy as 'baby blue elf.' #**SUMMONER'S RIFT** * Respawn timers on the minimap for Red and Blue are smaller because they aren't as important as the dragon. * The first minions have decided bringing a sword to a gunfight is actually a really bad idea and will now attack other minions with swords. * The Mountain Drake no longer amplifies other True Damage to keep it consistent, a statement completely contradicted by towers taking reduced True Damage when trying to backdoor them * The Ocean Drake gives health and mana back as it did before, but only if you're a good boy and didn't get into a fight. #**ITEMS** * Bloodrazor, a traditional duelling item, was deemed not good enough at duelling and thus buffed. Experts reckon it'll be 6 months before it's removed like other AS Jungle items. #**SUMMONER SPELLS** * Barrier can be used more often. At least 4 more people will now pick it. * Singed mains rejoiced at the news that Ghost makes you move faster later and can be used more. #**DYNAMIC QUEUE** * Not removed. Instead, high-level matches are fairer and made more often. * Nothing about Solo Queue. Don't ask. #**CHAMPION MASTERY** * Champion Mastery Levels 6 + 7 will been released in this patch, requiring you to actually be able to play the champ. * An IP sink has been added to help you reach Mastery 6 + 7. Those with over 100,000 IP no longer need to change their identities endlessly now. #**BUGFIXES** * The client is now slightly more competent at not lighting itself on fire every time someone tries to play a game. * We've hired a bow tapper for Varus so he no longer hurts spell shielded targets with his big arrow. * If Tibbers lives long enough for a second Tibbers to be made straight away, the original will no longer savage the new one out of spite and reset the summon cooldown. * Voidspawn now (grudgingly) recognise minions as being a real thing and not a myth. * Flat Armor reduction no longer gives monsters the middle finger and take more armor than necessary. * Ziggs gets more big bombs, even when throwing C4 around like a madman.

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