Look at this xD

http://gameinfo.leagueoflegends.co.kr/ko/game-info/champions/ Go onto this Website, and click translate to english and look at the names of the champions... SO FUNNY xD Comment your favourites ;) Best ones are: Car suspension - Karthus Karim H. - Hecarim 4 years half-cut - J4 Le fertilization - Sivir Not three weeks - Sej New drama - Syndra Go to Rio - Galio Ram Plymouth - Rammus Scarborough You - Skarner Ur place - Urgot ILA cucumber - Illaoi Gas seconds - Cho'Gath Now called - Zyra Le Woody - Udyr animation - Annie Oh shout - Azir Oh Carly - Akali Come between - Sion The Bay - Veigar And let - Malzahar Horse Fight - Malphite Mr.Lee - Yi Sandra Lee - Lissandra Then switch - Nasus Gas Gras - Gragas
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