How to de-tilt?

Hi everyone. I just had an extremely tilting ranked game. Our Neeko flamed almost everyone, so I muted her pretty quick, but it still felt a bit annoying. After some time, the Draven started to flame too. It was all going ok, until a few bad fights, the enemy team got 5 dragons, and we were pretty behind. We managed to somehow fend the enemy team off until 45 minutes, after we had aced them multiple times. At about 45 minutes, the enemy Master Yi, who'd already given up a couple of times, killed everyone defending the base and ended the game. After the game I started flaming the Neeko, which I'm not proud of, but at that moment I couldn't control myself. After that I got into an argument with the enemy Shen, and I was tilted out of my mind. With all this disgusting shit that I'm constantly spouting out, how come that I haven't even been chat banned yet? But that's besides the point. My main question is, how can I de-tilt after an extremely tilting game?
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