Guys i need some motivation to keep playing.

Honestly i dont even know where to begin... Ive tried to reach plat for atleast 3 years now and failed every time. Ive gotten so much better in the process and ive been in gold 1 about 9 times now. It just feels like every time i get close to my goal i somehow end up going the opposite way. Usually its easy for me to get to gold 1, this time i went from gold 4 0 points to gold 1 with 58 lp in 3 days. But now im back in gold 2 again.... its like whenever i get close i get really really really bad teams, uncarryable teams. unless i ofc go 20/ by 20 mins... but that doesnt happen often though. Im a talon main and whenever im not against lb or fizz i get really fed really fast and always think this might be easy game. I roam alot, but even though i roam they still end up going 1/10 and i have no clue how. For the last couple of days ive been dynamic queing with some higher elo players than myself (plat 3-4) and still in plat 3-4 its easy for me to win my lane hard. I outplay my opponents so easy unless its fizz or lb ofc :D. but now i think ill start tilting again, i feel like its all pointless. 3 years of my life have i wasted on a game and havent even achieved my first goal yet? hmm seems so pointless for me now so hope you guys can motivate me somehow to keep believing, that i can still do it, that its still possible. Thanks for taking your time to read this guys.
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