less keyfragment with new hono(u)r system even though im level 5....

So yea... Before the new honor system, I got always a key spared or atleast a few key fragments spared up because I play a lot of League. Now with the new system, I'm already almost a month honor level 5 but due the new system I've had so much trouble getting key fragments that I now can start collecting chests -_- I dont earn 12 key fragments a month even though I play much league, Im not super toxic nor flame much so how?! The point is that I'm just earning way less key fragments then I should. (my opinion) Can riot make a new system because this one is pretty garbage. E.g. chests are weekly available by getting an S- or higher on a champ you didnt got a chest already that season. Make something as consistant as the chest drops and not bs-ass like the current system
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