Solo Q is based MOSTLY on luck (and how much time you spend on the game)

You can downvote this thread to hell but you won't change my opinion. It's either you get the good teammates or no, you can't solo carry no matter what. No man can carry a damn team with 1 afk and/or 1 feeder at the same team with an extra flamer that chats more than playing, it's impossible because as soon as the enemy team gets great advantage even if you're more skilled you can't deal with them because they are 5 and you are 1 or 2 most of times.This game is based on teamwork after all there's no other way to win. I know you guys will be saying stuff like how do pros rank up so easily? are they lucky? well they are skilled and lucky at the same time but also they play 24/7 so eventually they will climb but that's still not the point. My point is also that you shouldn't judge someone by their division as you don't know their story you haven't been in their games to see how they play.. Anyways feel free to share your hate/love/opinion below {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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