What do you play to take a break from LoL?

I'm looking for a new game to play. Something similar to Warcraft: The Frozen Throne. I have StarCraft II but Just never really got into it. If I can't find something else I might try it again. Real-Time strategy type I miss the good ol' Warcraft games, before WoW took over. Shame Blizzard :/ I have played anything from a month of WoW to Minecraft. I spent hundreds of hours on Diablo II, maybe a hundred on Diablo III (not as good as II.) Tons of Steam games. Tons of Console games, i.e Destiny, Madden, Far Cry 3/4. But nothing will ever beat The Frozen Throne. EDIT: Just downloaded the Warcraft:TFT and ROC. Looking to see if there are any streams on Twitch and nope. A couple of Russians but that's about it.
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