anyone else gets frustrated?

Been playing the game for two years, and lately ive been hating the game, no nothing to do with the patch/season broken champs/items etc.... ive took a 2 week break hoping that I can have interest, yet I dont sadly... the thing is im a good player winning a good 75% of my lane, HOWEVER what makes it so god damn unbearable is the fact that in higher elos YOU ARE FORCED to rely on your team in order to win, but a good majority I have a lane or two that completely feeds like an obese kid eating cake that when laning phase is over, i get utterly destroyed by a 12/0 cait, or a 6/0 zed, when Im like 4/1 poppy top... Now i know that if your consistent in your rank then you have like a 55% chance of climbing consitently However my point comes here, I win lane 7/10 times yet i have a 5.5/10 of winning the game overall, I do not like this aspect and I think its super unfair, when you have a bad batch of players that feed/Afk and flame it takes a toll on you after a while not to mention weather you like it or not theres a 100% that over 4 games you will have a afk/troll/flamer.. LoL is the worst game ive come acrossed in terms of negative behaviour... Normals are becoming un-playable at times, where sometimes i would pick yorick supprt with my premade adc, and for some god damn reason, are wannabe zed faker decides to troll mid since "omg yorick supp troll so i troll mdr xD" (notice how a good percentage of trolls are french players?) anyways in summary, League is becoming so much more un-fun, having to rely on downright noob teams at times that drag you down EVEN if you won lane.. If you have a french player on your team, its guarantted that they have a huge ego and will start to flame and troll if they dont get ganks or if they do bad... everybody whines and theres a higher percentage that they will troll in games if you pick an out of meta champ in a lane.. overall i feel like you HAVE NO FREEDOM compared to years ago in this game.. The game forces you to play with the team to win, yet its un-realistic with high numbers of de-motivated players as soon as something goes wrong, leading to a crap-storm in chat ,sure the report system is stricter but lets be honest, ive honestly havent seen a decrease in toxicity...
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