How to carry?

so,i had this game dont mind my build i got very mad because i lost this game and i bought tears when they nearly destroyed nexus,so my question is,how to carry team like this? i was literally trying my best,i was roaming,killing botlane,toplane,while my toplane and jungler died to jax 2v1 okay,and i killed him solo,so how can one man carry the team when others are like i dont know,not in game,its like im 1v5 they are not doing anything,they cant even pressure any lane,gosh i got so mad,i even got first turret i think and started to roam even before that i think,and my roams vere successfull,i killed enemy botlane but still my botlane manages to looseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee howwwwww toooooo carryyyyyyy ? what i did wrong
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