How to change your client language interface

**How to change language interface on the client?** 1. Close your League of Legends client and open the game folder 2. Navigate to this folder : "\League of Legends\Config" 3. Find the file: "LeagueClientSettings.yaml" 4. Open the file using a text editor like notepad 5. Look for the line:_ locale: "en_GB"_ and simply replace the _"en_GB"_ with another locale code **(Optional -- If it still is not working) ** If the language has not been changed yet, then do all the 5 steps over again and then head back to the config folder, right click on LeagueClientSettings, open properties and make it read-only ------------------- **List of locales:** _English, en_GB English, en_US Português, pt_BR Türkçe, tr_TR Deutsch, de_DE Español, es_ES Français, fr_FR Italiano, it_IT Čeština, cs_CZ Ελληνικά, el_GR Magyar, hu_HU Polski, pl_PL Română, ro_RO Русский, ru_RU Español, es_MX English, en_AU 日本語, ja_JP_ Cheers, Screwed {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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