Silver/gold is literally full of degenerates

I have been playing solo/duo que on this ALT account for a few days(since I reached plat 4 on my main and don’t want to lose rank) and I have re-experienced silver and gold Elo. Let me tell you that this Elo is completely different and literally a degenerate filled trash can of a division So you might wonder, how can you even have fun here? it’s a team game, but your team is always full of degenerates who troll in champ select, Soft-Int at the slightest obstacle, and if the get a lead, they will just give all the shutdown gold to whoever can carry the hardest. GJ team The mentality is literally the most toxic, sad and depressing thing I have ever seen even for league of legends standards. Here are some real examples from my 10 “TEN” last games of ranked. “I didn’t receive gank so now you have to carry” - Poppy top 1/9 with IBG running it down on mordekaiser since min 2 “Literally writes 2 paragraphs telling enemy team to report me” - Jax jungle 3/11 selling hextech gunblade for triforce “Stealing Ekko from jungler in champ select on purpose” - Ekko mid 9/11, no Ekko games played ever “I’m not trolling” - Garen top 1/11 buying thornmail vs Vladimir “Building triforce and black cleaver, no defensive items” 3/12 illaoi getting owned by gnar I have received countless chat restricts and even a 14 day ban for flaming in my other account, but this all happened around this **** elo aswell. So from my own personal opinions and my experiences I can say that Silver and gold is filled with the most self centered, dislikable, unfun, unskilled , edgy and sad degenerates I have ever seen in any online video game.
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