Looking for English player for improvement

Hi ! I'm a French girl in the third and last year of an English degree and I need your help in a funny way. In order to pass my degree, i need to improve my English interactions, which means i don't manage to spontaneously participate in a conversation. My accent is also under improvement. So i'm looking for a native English guy to talk with me while playing and maybe just talking. By this, i mean the chosen one has to be tolerant towards my English, not hesitating to correct me, and most of all, to be a very nice person, so I :D I play a lot with my French friends and also alone, so if u don't mind playing with them sometimes, it would be a great pleasure, greater if u also want to discover some French non-raging community ! (They don't bite and they are glad sharing a game with non-French players and talking with them :3) Leave a comment below if u're interested ! Audrey.
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