Goodbye,Riot Games

Greetings everyone.First of all ,let me say this post has no real use apart from my crying and bitching about things that happened to me in this game in last few weeks . I've been platinum 2 player in preseason,after provisionals which i did 5-5 ,I was placed to silver 1.I was shocked ,but ,then again,I thought thats only division. Sadly,it got me back not in division wise,than in gameplay wise . As a player who worked hard to get to higher plat elo,who finally got a taste of normal ranked game against high plat and diamond players,who finally started to enjoy every ranked match since it was really entertaining and challenging,all of a sudden,I'm just put 2 floors of game style below. It's like when you apply for a job ,do everything right,and for no reason you get denied.That's how this feels.I've tried playing games,but how the hell should 1 normal player survive the fall from plat/diamond gameplay to silver gameplay ? I guess you expect someone to grind again 3 -4 months to get to the level he was before and it was taken from him without atleast for me any reason ,but in my case,that won't work. I ain't even asking for reply,I just had to write this down to fulfill my actual anger about that placement system ,and how one thing can ruin entire,for me great game. Goodbye
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