I jist got PERMANENTLY banned from LOL, what should i do?

Game 1 Cyctematic: gl team Cyctematic: swap? Cyctematic: poppy could u gank top? Cyctematic: now Cyctematic: np Cyctematic: it was my fault Cyctematic: i just want u to gank it now Cyctematic: ryze go top Cyctematic: pro ward Cyctematic: rengar kolko si gnusen Cyctematic: sry... Cyctematic: sry i'm not diamond Cyctematic: annie Cyctematic: r u sure u r supp Cyctematic: gj poppy Cyctematic: unskill Cyctematic: explane Cyctematic: ? Cyctematic: gj \ Cyctematic: pro Cyctematic: pro Cyctematic: thats why u r bronze ;) Cyctematic: yeah sure Cyctematic: yeah i'm sad Cyctematic: cuz the bronzie killed me :*( Cyctematic: so sad :( Cyctematic: cuz u r low Cyctematic: ahri Cyctematic: POPPY Cyctematic: I REPORT Y Cyctematic: report poppy ty Cyctematic: report me Cyctematic: u will be still bronze Cyctematic: :) Cyctematic: 0 ganks top Cyctematic: virgin? Cyctematic: :D :D: D Cyctematic: i'm not silver ^^ Cyctematic: does it matter Cyctematic: i'm g4 but i don't play ranked :) Cyctematic: i was plat the last season Cyctematic: ask ahri :) Cyctematic: idk Cyctematic: i was 3/6 and she was 8/2 Cyctematic: tried to 1v1 me :/ Cyctematic: i flame some1? Cyctematic: who am i flaming? Cyctematic: now i had 30 more cs Cyctematic: no* Cyctematic: ok guys Cyctematic: just play Cyctematic: was still typing but np Cyctematic: u will die anyway Cyctematic: if poppy was diamond :D Cyctematic: ez Cyctematic: u win vs diamond poppy Cyctematic: i lost top vs you? Cyctematic: r u sure? Cyctematic: aha Cyctematic: boosted Cyctematic: cool Cyctematic: ez Cyctematic: 2v1 is easy af Cyctematic: .ff Cyctematic: surr pls Cyctematic: i can;'t play alone Cyctematic: no1 follow no1 helps Cyctematic: reported Game 2 Cyctematic: ty Cyctematic: wp Cyctematic: what Cyctematic: gj camper Cyctematic: teemo Cyctematic: don't watch me Cyctematic: Next time Cyctematic: -.- Cyctematic: ofc Cyctematic: ops Cyctematic: megaa faill Cyctematic: damn Cyctematic: missclicked Cyctematic: stfu Cyctematic: i did missclicked Cyctematic: ... Cyctematic: \hahaha tembo Cyctematic: :D :D Cyctematic: the use of that much ultimates and flashes Cyctematic: talks enough Cyctematic: gj guys Cyctematic: come 6v1 next time Cyctematic: balanced graves Cyctematic: af Cyctematic: i talk about the champ Cyctematic: thanks Cyctematic: again 5v1 Cyctematic: k Cyctematic: oh scrub Cyctematic: i report u Cyctematic: OFC Cyctematic: FOC Cyctematic: fcking champ Cyctematic: mega nerf in the next patch for ya Cyctematic: np play him while he is op Cyctematic: why no surr? Cyctematic: i should play offensivlee Cyctematic: not deff Cyctematic: this graves Cyctematic: so fcked up Cyctematic: this game is so boring when there is Cyctematic: such a champ Cyctematic: remove graves from the game or something Cyctematic: look Cyctematic: balance balance Cyctematic: they can kill us Cyctematic: FU Cyctematic: surr Cyctematic: SURR Cyctematic: yeah i go play solo Cyctematic: sure Cyctematic: he will see Cyctematic: after my thornmail Cyctematic: and randuin Cyctematic: graves is unbalanced Cyctematic: i can't Cyctematic: ha Cyctematic: report me Cyctematic: go drake Cyctematic: i wasted their ults Cyctematic: but u didn't see that Cyctematic: cuz u r basic player Cyctematic: who can't play Cyctematic: baron in 20 sec
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