People just try to realise

When will people realise that this is just a game? No, guys, League of Legends wont become your job. You wont go PRO and make money by playing it. At least 98% of you wont. And trust me, you are not in these 2% of those who will. League is a funny game that will take about 1-3 hours of your day time and make you fell good, and that is all. Dont go flame and rage all the time, you will ruin your day, other peoples day, and wont get a thing. Have fun, act like it is just a game, dont loose your nerves for something that suposed to be a way of fun. At the end, if it is not funny to you, just DO NOT play it, you will just waste other peoples time, and yours too. I know this wont change a thing, but i needed to write it down :D
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