I am putting forward a suggestion to Riot regarding the banning system.Since i just got perma-banned i realised that the current banning system including a couple of chat restrictions and a 2 week suspension isn't really helping negative players to understand that they might lose their account forever if they keep going.Now some might say that i am lying and that most of the players stop negativity and toxicity after even one chat restriction.Stop there and listen to me,i am talking about the fact that the current banning system isn't helping this very small bunch of very toxic players(in which i belonged to) who find it difficult with stopping the flame because there are very bad players ruining their game.Now,what i am proposing is putting one more tier of punishment after the 2 week suspension,im talking about a 3 or more months punishment.This is something that would definitely help and that's because these players aren't really afraid of losing their account permanently because a 2 week suspension isn't something that would make them miss their account and understand the seriousness of the situtation while a 3 or more as i said month punishment would absolutely give the feel of loss and players i believe would not only reform after this but there will be a great chance that this small toxic portion will vanish.

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