Prestige skins

I was intending to actually collect all of these skins. I genuinely planned to buy them every release. That was until Riot shifted from £10 and enough play time to £150 or just under in hextech loot just to buy one skin. They'd be overpriced at 40 prestige tokens let alone 100. The hextech skins already exist all you're doing is creating another version of the same system... A system far too expensive for most normal people to take part in. Very few people can put £150 into a video game once a month... and of those who are wealthy enough to be able how many does Riot honestly expect will? As a business model surely 15 people paying £10 is more effective than one paying £150 as the fifteen are likely consistent consumers whereas the one off payer may only want this one specific skin? To put this in perspective: for a worker earning the living wage in the UK Riot has increased the cost from one hour of wages up to fifteen hours of wages. For £150 you could: take a family of four to a restaurant, buy mains and desserts and still have enough money left to buy a bottle of wine on the way home feed a family of four for around a week buy fifteen music CDs/albums buy coffee every day for two months or so go to the cinema as a couple like six times maybe, even more, depending on how you spend things It's absolute insanity what Riot is asking Genuinely Riot's most money grabbing action so far.
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