What to do when you feel like your support Tahm Kench messes up trades?

It happends alot when I play Draven. An enemy dumps all his damage on me, all his skills are cd so now I go in with my Axes, but then Tahm eats me. Meaning I get full damage from enemy adc but can't trade back. This is so annoying. But you can't tell him that because for some reason they think they aren't doing anything wrong. Now OFCOURSE (like you will probably happily point out) I could be wrong too. But let's pretend I am not. How to solve this shit then? If I tell him he's eating me at the wrong moments, he will say shit like ''Ok I will let you die next time then.'' I hate that. And if I did tell him and after a while he uses his eat skill in a good way, He'll be happy to tell me like a little brad. Just how do I deal with this?
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