I know I was..

I know I was wrong to do this, but god it felt SOOO GOOOOOOOOD. So let me share you a short (not so) story about a player that was expressing disrespect and negativity. On the day 28/02/2017 I had a game where I was {{champion:24}} on top lane and the player was on enemy team's bot lane as {{champion:412}} [Pic of the game](http://i.imgur.com/o2C16he.png) As you see in the picture we lost.. Okay I get it we weren't that good players and we lost (I even admit getting mad and just giving up just like that). But did he had to start spamming "ez" and "izi" and "noobs" constantly? - No. He didn't had to. Fast forward to today 03/03/2017 just right now, I played a game where I was {{champion:27}} and that same exact player was {{champion:201}} [Pic of the game](http://i.imgur.com/S4a8mpY.png) As you see we lost because I told them in champ select that I will intentionally feed and troll and guarantee at 100% we're gonna lose. No one of them decided to dodge the game so the game started and I started feasting my enemies. Trough the whole game that player didn't had much of a good attitude (in-fact you could call it very negative), but oh well I told him that "{{champion:43}} always catches you" Skipping the game after we lost in the after-game chat screen these were his "goodbye" words: [Pic of his "goodbye" words](http://i.imgur.com/qzm5zte.png) I must admit, after I saw that I started laughing sooo hard like I was on vodka x drugs x marijuana x memes all combined and amplified by 999. To piss him off to such a point where he sounds like a nazi :D What I did, was it right? - No. Did he deserved it? - Yes. Should I be banned? - Yes. Do I deserve it? - Yes. Will I be banned? - No (hopefully), its a normal blind pick game in EUNE, @Riot had shown themselves that they do not care that much about normals and especially games in EUNE :v Moral: Don't be negative towards enemies or allies that perform bad, because you might get them in your promos for gold, plat, diamond and so on and they might ruin ur promos. After a game, no matter how bad it was, just a simple "ggwp" (or "wp" if it wasn't that much of a "gg" game) is enough. You can still talk to yourself or in your mind saying things like "ez" "izi" etc. just make sure you don't express it in the game chat. As the Summoner's Code states: [Pic of what it states because it is too long (thats what she said).](http://image.prntscr.com/image/a556b3c5f6844222bf97ec04259fa260.png)
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