In game stats are lies

So the title explains most of it already but I think that the in-game lol stats regarding champion are absolutely fake or at least to a certain point, my example comes from a game where I saw an udy{{champion:77}} with basically 490 ms running to a lux{{champion:99}} with 399 ms she got blue smited the speed was lowered by quite a bit the fan fact is tho that even tho udyr {{champion:77}}dodged the first q he still couldn't make it to lux{{champion:99}} before the q cd was back up just because lux{{champion:99}} E slowed him, my question is tho after checking the replay i noticed that udyr {{champion:77}}speed at least in the stats was still about 100 more than lux{{champion:99}} yet he couldn't reach. then in the same game udyr{{champion:77}} run into a illa under tower the speed difference was about 160 an udyr{{champion:77}} cound't reach her ans she actually outrun the udyr{{champion:77}} i think this game is way too bugged with stats as in certain game udyr{{champion:77}} is extremely quick while other if he walls behind he slow and i dont think that falling behind show after the speed. I my self play udyr {{champion:77}}a white a bit yet some games i fast like legit fast and other i am simply super slow even tho I have same items and more speed the difference tha i usually see is if i am ahead i reach them if i am behinde i cant with the same MS in both games sound like bs but i assure u is true i tilted soo many times cause i dont know why i simply cant reach. Or when i have more about 70 % tenacity morg q is still about 2 sec long and that is not norma,l the only tenacity stat that actually works is garen w but when i stack sterack{{item:3053}} (30%) when active, legend tenacity(30%) and mercury(30%){{item:3111}} this should be a total of 90% yet when i have all active is only 70 and btw when u have legend tenacity and mercury u dont 60% but less i feal that is a lie it itself. and morg Q doesnt go down by that much all this number i gave them after checking the replay and counted going with the in-game time so i ma not saying this without a base. the max i reached with udy in tenacity was about 90% counting the iron elixir and morg 1 stil lasted about 1 sec when the 90% of 3 sec is 2.7 that means it should be 0.3 but the game is caped at 0.5 so it should not be lower that 0.5 yet i timer it and it was 1.3 so i dont really trust the stats that much and this by having 90% something that is not normal to happen i did it as a test after a morg q made me lose a game. Why are stats not consistent every game or at least the most basic as speed and tenacity stuff that u can notice in the gameplay.

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