Who else had a tough week in lol?

Who else had such a tough week in LoL as me :(???? I went from Platinum 2/3 to Platinum 5 with 0 LP and yet lost 3 games on 0 LP And honestly this week ive played better then average :/ From my last 20 games, ive lost 16 and won 4 4 of these games where support so that drags down the KD a bit :P Yet with a 80% lose in those 20 games , i got a positive KD :D ( even if it is only a little bit 4.9/4.7/8.0, dont think a lot of people can have a positive KD with 80% lose :P ) And just look at the arrows that ive wonderfully in paint with my paint skills :D , the first one on azir is where he just straight up trolled he had smite and went into the enemy jungle etc the whole time and he ended with a score of 2/19/2 The second arrow is on Thresh who went AFK and never came back The third and final arrow on this picture is karma who went afk as well and never came back Also in my last 20 games there were 2 more afks :( 1 lux who just never connected to the game and a lux who left after chogath insulted non stop she just straight up ragequited :/ So that is 4 afks and 1 real troll in the last 20 games This week alone brought down my winrate from 53% to 50% and that is pretty hard if you already have 400 games played :( Bad luck was stronger then performance this week, cause this was my best performing week in a long time :( Well hope you people had more luck then me cause this is basicly how my last week looked like in LoL, well luck evens out i guess? And back to climbing, now im so far from diamond *sigh* Give me that salt ^^, cause i just needed to get this out in something like a tread :P This tread got to make people feel like they have better luck then me :P Edit: Guess there is also some good news for this week, ive made my first penta in Season 6 actually my first penta since season 5, cause i made 0 pentas in season 5 :( Even better , this week alone i made 3 pentaKills 1 on Khazix, 1 on jinx and 1 on Twisted Fate The Twisted Fate one was a 1 vs 1, followed by a 1 vs 4 after i ulted in the enemies after my team died, so kind of a 1 vs 5???? Here are some jinx emotes cause i like them {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} TLDR: Really bad luck, 4 afks and 1 real troll 16 lose, 4 wins in last 20 games and yet went a positive Kill death ratio cause my performance this week was above average [](http://i.imgur.com/3k1V2GG.png)
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