Why do promos always end up the same?

I think this is the 7th promos series in the same league I'm doing now they all end up the same Just people saying they want to group, but don't ragequits at 15 minute mark Am I saying these people are bad? No, not at all in fact, I am pretty sure I'm horrible at times, if not a lot But it's kind of common for me by now that it's always in my promos series that people do not want to group, and do not want to act like a team .___. I can't rest enough that it is how you throw I have yet to see someone carry on their own without their team so this confuses me (I don't play carry roles, pls no flak if you think I'm a 1v5 vayne main) I'm asking for genuine advice how to avoid this, cus I just wanna climb :p
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