Do your girlfriend/wife/waifu approves of your League of Legends playing?

Do your girlfriend/wife/waifu supports you in your competitive-no-life-besides-this-game lifestyle? Or maybe she accepts you sometimes can't go out with her or pay attention to her because of tryharding? Do you stopped or severely lowered your playtime because of said new girlfriend/wife/waifu? I'm not talking about a few casual player games (which she SHOULD accept, otherwise it would be considered abusive manipulation), I'm talking about the real deal, when in some (maybe most) situations she would be second to this game. On a closer another note, I had a girlfriend who dumped me (for unrelated reasons to this game) while I was playing a SR game, she said something like "Aren't you going to the door with me?" and I replied "I'm playing, I can't afk", I cared much more for every 9 unknown players in that game than for that B I T C H.
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