Another morning!

Another week, another monday, another morning. And another \*hugs\* :3 And ofc, Cookies, cake, tea and coffee. ;) Aaaaand the usually: How was your weekend? What are your plans for the week? My weekend was... not especially good, but not bad either. Kinda came to the conclusion that I'll give up on trying to really achive more in ranked for this season, maybe a play a game here and there, but for now I'm not good enough to climb much higher. I guess time to Focus on getting a Team to Gold again, and getting the last few Points for the ward Skin. :3 But my monday... actually is qutie bad so far. Yesterday I made someone dear to me really upset, and now I'm stuck in work instead of being able to make up for it. :( So I guess that will be my plan for the week too then. ^.^ What about you guys? How'se your Pick'ems and worlds hype going? I wish you the best of luck for your day/work/soloQ/normals/whatever! \\(^.^)/
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