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I just wanted to say something. I think Riot overdone it with Skins and champions. Riot released a lot of champions recently + a looot of skins and yea that's cool **BUT**: I believe it is too much. Riot needs to stop focusing on Champions and skins and actually focus on things like New Client improvements (a lot of players still have complaints about client being laggy), in-game lag and ping issues (I am experiencing lag with 59 ping for some reason. Attempts to reconnect pop-out sometimes when playing with 55 ping) About the skins and champions. I love new skins and champions but it gets too boing when you see a new skin release or leak every signle week. It would be more excting and it would bring more hype if they released 5-6 skins in a patch per ~2-3 weeks. This is only my opinion. I may be wrong, pardon me. Another thing that would make me happy from Riot is the thing at the end of the season that shows you aall your stats (pentakills, wards placed, champions killed etc.)

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