You can see it in the first minutes!

So iv been maining support for a long time now and you know how you can tell if somebody is in a bad moode well i can see if my adc is good or bad! Its all about these small moments of engaging the enemy! Like these small one shots thet you doo to the enemy between farming and you follow the support shots at the enemy. Like i take a shot at adc he is trying to retaliate me and my adc is angaging him! Well its a sign of a good and a bad adc! Its hard to explain! I always go in first so to take a punishment while my adc is hopefully backing me up! And some people just ignore enemy at all. They are so concentrated on last hitting creeps they dont even see the opportunities to small damage enemy and small damage summs up and you see that health bar getting lower and lower! Its just sometimes hard to support adc if all he does is farm and ignore the opportunities! Well 9 out of 10 times we end up loosing bot lane when it happens. The only time we can still win if the jungler is up to the task! I have had some amazing junglers when they are there when you need them and also when you could use them! That is the only time when passive adc can somehow come up from beeing dominated! But then again he gets the kill and is all hyped up gos in deep and enemy jungler gets him! Well just funny how you can tell from the first moments at bot lane if its going to be dissaster or fun!

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