Master Yi and Yashuo... a problem for LoL

Lately (last 2-3 patches) I've had loads of problems in meeting both Master Yi and Yashuo. The combination of gear, their attck abilities/speed and shielding possibilities makes it almost impossible to kill them and give them to much to survive. Fights shouldn't be ended in 1.08 seconds (the lowest I did see lately). That's not a fight, that's keyboard dashing. Some champs can, with right gear and skill land a kill with their ult. when they have all things right, but just pushing your QWE at the same time or having it under a button, isn't gaming in my perspective. I've been fighting Yashuo mid with Morgana before and it was great, waiting him out, seeing him getting frustrated when I managed to push the lane with tormented soil and letting him get up his shield for nothing. It is that what makes the game fun. Now when gear goes up he just can jump me under my tower, when he get's a group of my minnions around him. By dancing and getting shield and shitloads of heal from attack gear he stays alive and can kill me in no time, under my tower. and then run from it still with most of his health. Master Yi give the same problems when they get the possibility to ger up fast. I don't have problems with strong opponents, I do have problems with combinations of abilities and gear that I see now that favour certain champs more then others. Of course we can ban the both, but that would be a shame...they are great to play. This League of Legends, not CS or some other first shooter game. I want the game back that was build on tacktics, smart moves, deception of your enemies, laughs when you managed it and teamfights that took longer then 5 seconds. And for those who want these very fast fights? make a permanent URF old school so they can get of with they puberty adrenaline… :-)

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