Lets talk about the patch.

Well this patch is beautiful. in my view. Sure there are gonna be a lot of haters for devourer removal. (Rito i love you now) and finally we are seeing justice to mages. I haven't been playing league long. Since ekko release but from then i haven't seen any good patches for mages. Its either an item gets removed for them or they get nerfed or they just buff up assassin for the 100th time. And if it is anything mages hate. Its assassins. But thats my view and while i am biased because my favourite champion is anivia. ( Her damage has been reduced but her cc is up so i actually like that. Makes her kit fit together a bit more. ) But my opinion is invalid as it is always. I put this one so people can talk talk about the patch and set their views. Also i'm gonna love to see the reaction of all the Yi and Xin mains. Because god knows they are gonna be salty. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}

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