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We, the players of Middle East has been wishing for a MENA LoL server, as i’ve been playing the game for 7 years, i’ve never wanted anything more than a good ping, In 2016 few of pro arabs in dubai had an interview with Rioters and we were promised a server, and news soon so we’ve been waiting for you to notice us for 3 years now and all what we got is a arab client (which we don’t actually need that much), it wont help us improve and show our talents, as earlier this year Riot Sponsored a MENA Championship that was hosted by GHME, also PLG did a lot to contact Riot back in the day to notice us. We’ve been longing for a server for so long, few made it to high ranks with the 130 ping. true, we played and got used to it kinda, but the higher u reach the worse it gets, the harder it is to land your abilities and more, for example we play with 130 ping and anything we throw look like a piece of cake for people who play with 20-30 and let alone if the tables turned sometimes we cant even react properly, Fortnite and Overwatch are getting Mena Servers, Amazon Started hosting servers here, too Riot has an office in Dubai, why not just build a Server?{{champion:12}}
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