Could we have a few nerfs directed at the gank junglers?

the jungle changes kind of just make it that junglers can gank 24/7 with no lack of gold or xp which is why lee vi hec khazix zac rengar shaco ivern are literally everywhere. I think the main reason for this is due to the long camp respawn timers the camps are forced to be worth too much. It also means the is no real advantage to a fast clear speed anymore since any jungler can do the 4 camp clear ( grugs wolves chickens gromp) do 2 ganks and have no punishment for it because the camps will still be dead. I think respawn timers need to buffed and the xp/goid given by camps should be nerfed. this should mean that if someone decides to gank they are doing a decision between guaranteed xp and gold for the pressure of a kill. not {{champion:33}} doing a fulll clear 3 ganks and still being at krugs waiting for it to respawn. what do you think?
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