Infernal Amumu Influencer Chromas Poorly Distributed + Sold for Profit

Hi Recently riot released a chroma for amumu. Its an exclusive green chroma for infernal amumu that you can only obtain from league of legends content creators. Its similar to the sona emote that they gave out through the program recently. There are several issues with the the partner program, that after speaking to player support I was encouraged to post here to start a discussion: * No way to prevent the skin codes from being resold. This is my biggest complaint and by far the worse. Many of these incredibly hard to get codes aren't actually going to people that want them. They're being resold in various places (including the amumu mains subreddit which is completely swamped with posts selling the codes!) for absolutely ridiculous amounts of money. I also have a suspicion that streamers themselves may even sell the skin codes. Although I have no proof of anyone doing this, the amount of codes being sold leads me to believe either: A) people are just keeping the codes to sell or B) some streamers are keeping a few codes to sell. I have no problem with people giving the skin code to a friend. I have a huge problem with people taking the codes away from people that actually want them and selling them for upwards of £100. * No verification for people in the partner program. There are dozens, if not at a few hundred, at this point, fake giveaways for the chroma. There are streamers, twitter and instagram accounts that are using other peoples screenshots to fake being in the partner program. I'm not on facebook but I'm sure there are fake giveaways there too. They then ask for retweets and follows (harmless if annoying) or, for streamers, ask for subs so they can "giveaway" the code to their subs. This is dangerous, as they are directly profiting off of a lie, and people are often completely unaware those people are lying and waste their money for nothing. * General scummy behaviour from people in the program. This is more of a minor complaint, but I've seen a bunch of streamers do things like only giving skins away if you gift a lot of subscriptions. I've seen streamers say they're giving codes away when they reach X subs only to "get tired" and stop streaming once that goal is reached. Another side point is its questionable how effective this actually is for content producers. I have seen plenty of people win codes, and then never come back to chat. Its a nice reward for the most part, when it goes to an actual watcher of the person, but most of the time people come for the code and leave once theres nothing more to giveaway. If I were a streamer, I'd be pretty bummed out to watch my viewer and follower count drop once people got what they wanted. Overall, while well meaning, the code system is incredibly poorly implemented. Its become a repeat of the Pax skins, where the codes ended up being abused for insane amounts of money. EDIT: Someone made a very good reddit post summarising a lot of the problems as well:
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