Why is being toxic so bad?

So look I know many people have a different opinion on this matter but I felt like I wanted to understand the WHY it's such a harsh policy in LoL. I'm gonna be frank with you, I'm very toxic, have a fragile ego and have anger issues, so yes I am biased but I just want to understand why it's being punished more than inting the game or win trading or straight up not trying in ranked. How is it ruining the game more than THAT? The way I see it is that you have a mute button that you can press once somebody is being rude or whatever and then you're gucci since you will never hear a single word from him anymore all game long. To me this seems like Kindergarden "Mr.Riot he said bad things about me please ban him for that". Why can't we just give toxic people a 14 day chat restriction instead of Perma Bans? Why does the mute button exist to begin with then? I feel trapped in a box because to me tilting, getting angry are expressing yourself and how you feel. I hate having to swallow all of it not doing anything Again I might be VERY ignorant here but all I want to do right now is have a friendly discussion about the why of the matter and maybe somebody can enlighten me and show me the error of my ways. I am really sorry if this question is stupid or anything
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