yasuo mains

{{champion:157}} is a champion that takes skill ( not as much as azir , but he does take skill) , i ve see a lot of people who say yasuo is a noob champion but he really isnt , he gets this shitty reputation because these people try to play him and feed , and then yasuo mains like myself get flamed for even saying that we main yasuo. look, i know he can get pretty annoying and strong, but at least when you see a {{champion:157}} 1v2 the mid laner and the junger, dont call him a noob, give him some respect,he is not the brain dead champion evryone thinks he is, there are some great yasuo players that can 1v5 ( like, 0,05% of his player base) , and the rest are either average ( some plays but still nothing major) and uncarriable trash that think they can just e through evrything and some live, they even ask your team for knock ups since they cant create their own, and if they get a kill they ll spam t heir emote and wont stfu on all chat. you reading this , yea you, you are probably an adc main that will down vote since he read the first sentence. yasuo mains, bear with me, we still have each other ni this trash mud hole that we call league of legends, lets try to make sure the trash yasuo players will be forgoten.
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