Hello I am Undeveloped

Hello all, I am Undeveloped,long story short i recently moved to Germany,and i want to learn the language _I came to an idea what a better way to learn German than playing with German players,maybe i learn a thing or 2 about League aswell_ :P All in all I come for EUNE server but i am willing to switch to EUW if i find some players out here in this giant community we call LoL Community I appreciate all help,and all players are welcome,especially German players. Due to my moving process over the last 5 months i've been inactive,but I am active now and ready to start again this season. Last season i was a Yasuo OTP (Yes i was a mess) but i got to Diamond 3 the highest just on Yasuo. Here is my OP.gg http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Undeveloped Peace,and thank you for reading this {{champion:119}}
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