PROJECT Skin Shard OR PROJECT Skin orb

Hi! I really can't choose between those two... It's or 2 PROJECT Skin orbs OR 1 PROJECT Skin Shard (+key fragments+blue essences)... I like 2 skins.. but I'm not very lucky, so I think that I get 2 horrible skin shards... But maybe I get an extra orb or an exclusive skin.. But tbh.. PROJECT Skins look very crazy! (So I really like to get another PROJECT Skin)... But maybe a weird question: Is it possible to get an owned PROJECT Skin from the PROJECT Skin Orb? Otherwise, I have a lower chance to get an unowned PROJECT Skin (I own the Yasuo one WITH BORDER!!) Well.. Most of you guys dont like to post something (Even when I'm not sure about that). And if you like, please leave a comment with your thoughts! Thanks! Kill and Win p.s. Please vote! * Urbi et Orbi * 50 shades of PROJECTSkin Shards * I'm Teemo so I don't craft (Please use this, if you are Teemo.. and leave a comment with "teemo")
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