Restriction on what to play?

Hello fellow league players. So I want to share my experience in a game I played today on my smurf. First of all I will give you an idea what happened. Was on champ select asked the team to not ban zed and some random guy said why you gonna play zed fk zed players etc I was like calm it dude he said no you pick noob champs etc and so he banned my zed. I was pissed however said nothing and so thought lets try **zilean** mid, played the game didnt play that good in laning phase at least I helped the team to win at then end. At the post game lobby he started saying stuff to me like people should not play that champ and many other of them and should start playing other than these champs. Notice in game I muted the guy because I know what will happen. And so here is something came into my mind. Why people make other people play what they want them to pick and never allow champs that they dont like? I know the answer for this but I want to see what you will guys say. tl dr I want to play what I like. Fk you it is my choice :D
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