Debating Dyrus's Tweet.

Marcus on Twitter
what's the point really. I'm not quitting but this year I'm gonna make it my goal to stream what I have the most fun with. I've put enough grinding time in to league, now it's time for me to either have fun or get good at some other games I enjoy.
So this year after reaching challenger again, Dyrus took the decision to add a bit more variety to what he wants to play instead of endlessly grinding league without really having fun, And this made me think for a moment. If even reaching the top still gets you unsatisfied, what would ? What's the point of getting high up in the ranks and being good at the game when at the end it might just be pixels on a screen that means alot to others but does not appeal to you that much personally anymore. Dyrus's case is different as he already has been in the LCS and he's currently retired so anyone reaching that point might be interested in going even higher to get into the competitive scene, which i can tell is the objective and goal of many, but most importantly mine as well. And when I think about it it's right, no matter where we get we will never satisfy our desire to go higher. **I remember back in the day when I was bronze I wanted to get silver I told myself it would just satisfy my to be silver but i had the desire to go even higher and so when I got to gold, the same thing happened.** Now i'm sitting at platinum having the resolve, the will and the dream of getting into pro play one day, i'm still far and I have a long way to go, but I have time to grind, and the will and desire to achieve what I want to achieve. But after thinking about Dyrus's tweet for a moment I asked myself wether i would enjoy one day achieving that or not, I felt like the idea of having a variety of games to play, friends to play with was more appealing to me than just sitting on a computer grinding for a dream, I tried doing both but that doesn't work at all. I've been playing League of Legends since mid-season 2 and I've always loved it, I've seen it change over the past couple of years and then I thought to myself maybe the game just changed and turned out to be way different from what I thought it would end up being.. which is sad really. I can name a few serious issues that the game had for a while but that got fixed later on, but now it feels as if the gameplay is not as appealing as it was before.. Maybe i'm just losing the magic or the fun that I've always had playing league of legends due to losing alot recently and the game changing ? Am I the only one in this ? This situation is putting me at a point where i'm reconsidering what I want to do while I never wanted to look back. At this point i'm losing my reflex of opening League of Legends as the first thing I do after launching my computer, Now i just hover my mouse over the icon wondering wether i want to play or not, and i end up just playing something else instead and I don't know why that is happening. Maybe I just got worse at the game and i've lost interest ? What are your thoughts on getting really high elo ? What do you guys think ? Is it worth it spending all the ressources nessecary to get there without being sure of what you want ? Or is it just better to try and have fun in some others video games ? Thanks for reading ! I feel really lost so I really want your opinions on this..
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